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Special Limited Edition Books

Mattia Preti limited editionAll the books published to date by MIRANDA PUBLISHERS are comprehensive photographic studies depicting the beauty of Malta’s cultural heritage. Our limited edition books are bound to order and numbered by hand,

Our limited edition books are outstanding works of literary or historical significance reproduced as works of art in their own right. Many of our editions are facsimiles of treasures held in the Maltese Islands. For others, we commission leading artists and craftsmen to create editions that represent the pinnacle of book publishing.






Personalised Corporate Gifts

Miranda corporate printingSometimes, a random act of appreciation can reward an employee, impress a client, or motivate a business prospect in a way that nothing else can. To see how Miranda can help you create a lasting first impression. Please get in contact with us directly.








Prints From Our Collection

Individual prints from our collectionPrint Sales at The Miranda Publishing is committed to offering expert advice to major buyers, corporate collections and public institutions.

Most photographs are sold in editions to limit the number of prints available. All of our prints are produced using the C-Type printing process a colour print in which the print material has at least three emulsion layers of light sensitive silver salts with each layer sensitised to a different primary colour.