Miranda Publishers are at the forefront in the publication of large format Maltese books about Malta’s cultural and historical heritage.

Apart from presenting a comprehensive photographic study, every book incorporates information researched and written by some of the most prestigious historians and researchers. These Maltese books delve deeply into themes which range from stone-age temples, palaces, cathedrals, to Malta’s passage through history and Maltese cuisine.

Due to superb photography, luxurious packaging and the overall attention to detail, Miranda Publishers’ range of Maltese books have found themselves on the bookshelves of business executives, corporate presidents, senators, politicians and dignitaries all over the world.

The Knights of St. John of Malta, Caravaggio Paintings in Malta, The Hypogeum and Maltese Recipes are among the topics you will find on Miranda Publishers web site. Explore these lavish books, feast your eyes on the images and browse through the wealth of their information.

All publications can be ordered through this site and are guaranteed to please the most avid lovers of Maltese culture, history, archaeology and fascinating photography.

All the books published to date by MIRANDA PUBLISHERS are comprehensive photographic studies depicting the beauty of Malta’s cultural heritage. The first venture in this field was Malta 360° followed by an impressive list of other titles over the past thirteen years notably ‘The Temple of the Knights of Malta’, ‘Legacy in Stone’, ‘The Sovereign Palaces of Malta’ and ‘Malta Before History’.

MIRANDA PUBLISHERS was set up in 1989 as a division of Promotion Services Limited to produce and publish specialised quality books. It has pioneered the publication of lavishly produced large format books printed to the highest specifications..

Exquisite photography, luxurious packaging and painstaking attention to detail; these are just a few of the trademarks that have made the name ‘Miranda’ synonymous with quality books. For the past fifteen years, Miranda Publishers has consistently produced widely acclaimed books presenting the rich and diverse culture of the Maltese Islands. From Senators to Diplomats, from Presidents to the Pope; these publications have been received by dignitaries the world over.