The People of Malta

Through their love for street photography and meeting new people, two photographers; Roderick Vella and Stephen Buhagiar, gave birth to ‘The People of Malta’ Facebook page in 2015. This book is based on this successful artistic project, created to share emotions, stories, moods and contrasts, through pictures and cited anecdotes. With more than 250 colour photos, this book is a celebration of the Maltese character, through an extraordinary collection of pictures that feature personalities and pearls of wisdom, voiced by people from all walks of life on the Maltese Islands.

As you flip the pages of this work, you are invited to live this collective identity. If you come from shores afar we open our doors, like our mothers and fathers before us, for you to come in and share our story. If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to be Maltese..., we know well, with half a wink and a grin, that you belong to, the People of Malta."

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Published March 2018

The People of Malta


Malta – The Beautiful Hour

A look at how Malta’s surprising arts and culture scene is being shaped by a new generation of movers and shakers – by-pass the tourist talk and get the most out of Malta’s very own Beautiful Hour. Time-travel through the layers of Malta’s history, go behind the scenes and see amazing Gozo in a new light – develop your own customized three-day visit to enjoy key, cultural landmarks.

What readers say:

‘A real eye-opener!’
‘A light touch to a serious subject – an enjoyable and easy read.’
‘I had no idea all this was going on! Thank you so much.’
‘Made my visit so much more meaningful.’
‘Charming and insightful throughout.’

About The Author

Karen Elizabeth Steed shares her deep love and understanding of Malta and its culture in this highly personal account of her experiences in the lively and often surprising world of the islands’ art communities. Join her as she looks below the surface to find out what is really going on.

Born in Canada, she now calls Malta her home and divides her time between a historical, Victorian neighbourhood in Sliema and an apartment in Gozo surrounded by stunning views. Previously, she worked in Canada as a writer, editor, publisher and literary agent.

‘Makes it easy to get the most out of your time in Malta – whether you live here or are just visiting.’


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Published November 2017

The Beautiful Hour

25 Years in a Maltese Kitchen - Maltese Version

If the thought of Mediterranean cooking conjures up ideas of tasty colourful dishes, prepared and eaten in sun-drenched Bougainvillae-filled terraces accompanied by fruity wine, lively conversation and a relaxed atmosphere, then this book is for you.

Bring this atmosphere into your own home by preparing Pippa’s easy to follow recipes. Discover the art of pasta-making using spinach, potatoes and semolina. Enjoy preparing dishes using the abundant tasty Mediterranean vegetables. Learn how to make the wonderful Maltese all-in-one meat dishes, and how to prepare fresh Mediterranean fish. Re-discover old fashioned deserts that will make your mouth water.

Malta’s hospitality and chequered history is reflected in these recipes which are heart-warming, genuine and colourful.

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25 Years in a Maltese Kitchen