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Mattia Preti Hardback and Limited Edition

The best selling 25 Years in a Maltese Kitchen is now available in Maltese.

If the thought of Mediterranean cooking conjures up ideas of tasty colourful dishes, prepared and eaten in sun-drenched Bougainvillae-filled terraces accompanied by fruity wine, lively conversation and a relaxed atmosphere, then this book is for you.

Bring this atmosphere into your own home by preparing Pippa’s easy to follow recipes. Discover the art of pasta-making using spinach, potatoes and semolina. Enjoy preparing dishes using the abundant tasty Mediterranean vegetables. Learn how to make the wonderful Maltese all-in-one meat dishes, and how to prepare fresh Mediterranean fish. Re-discover old fashioned deserts that will make your mouth water.

Malta’s hospitality and chequered history is reflected in these recipes which are heart-warming, genuine and colourful.

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Published May 2015

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